I KNOW Australia aint saying shit about shit rn




I KNOW Australia aint saying shit about shit rnimage

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so let me get this straight

an unarmed teenager is dead

a murderous cop is still at large

a mostly Black suburb with 0 murders (minus Mike Brown’s) is at marital law

a woman has been shot in the head

an alderman is in jail on no charges

journalists are being tear…



that’s it that’s the winner



that’s it that’s the winner


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fuuuuuck smh

America is a war machine

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if you’re interested, this person is trying to organize a food/meal drive for elementery school kids in Ferguson

schools in Ferguson have been closed since Monday and that’s where a LOT of the kids in Ferguson get their food from, to explain how important this is.

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The police in Ferguson are spraying tear gas and arresting peaceful protesters and reporters (2 reporters so far). Christina Coleman is an NBC Channel 5 news anchor from St. Louis…Son.

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Second family says Petersburg Police went too far

Also NBC12’s Facebook Here.

Man listen, this shit is bout 15 minutes away from me….wtf

this is some dangerous shit, and it’s absolutely LEGAL in VA to record incidents happening as long as you’re not interfering.

That shit is crazy af. U can tell that cop knew he was deadass wrong. I swear….

The one who came from behind over the gate tho?? Scary times to be a PoC in this country yo.

I don’t know where cops got this complex where they can just do shit like this. But it’s not even just white it’s cops of all races. I mean not all cops are bad but damn man. Shit is scary as a young poc. Even cops your same race don’t have your back.

man, fuck the police

Honestly there is no stopping 😒

POC? No. Scary for BLACK PEOPLE…!!! All of this has been going on for decades!! DECADES!! But no one believed us…even with video evidence, they won’t give us the benefit of the plain and evident TRUTH. What you’re seeing on these videos is far less than what used to happen when there were no cameras…these cops know cameras are around and they’re still murdering unarmed people…imagine what they were doing when camera phones weren’t everywhere…they’d probably stick a plunger up a man’s ass…probably shoot a man and pretend he pulled out a gun-shaped wallet…

The NYPD must be so happy…now the focus is off them…they can sweep Eric Garner’s murder under the rug….

ERIC GARNER IS STILL DEAD & DANIEL PANTALEO IS STILL A MURDERER!! Still no arrest…no charges…no attempt at providing justice….

POCs don’t get shot down in the streets…that’s reserved for the minority group they hate the most…AFRO-PEOPLE.

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How can you look at a heavily armed police force aiming directly at unarmed black people and not think this is motherfucking fascism. 

Because fascism is socioeconomic, not purely social.

I’m proud that you decided to Google the meaning of fascism and picked the first definition you saw in the generated search results but I’m sorry to tell you that you’re stupid as shit.

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Here’s a by-the-numbers look at who lives in Ferguson, who’s in charge, who gets stopped by police, and more.

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They just fired on the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peaceful protesters


watch this link please now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Michael Brown remembered as a ‘gentle giant’ (St. Louis Post- Dispatch)

Michael Brown posted a haunting message on Facebook last week as he prepared to enter a new phase in his life: college. “if i leave this earth today,” he wrote to a friend, “atleast youll know i care about others more then i cared about my damn self.”

Dozens arrested during protests over Ferguson police shooting (Al Jazeera America)

At least 50 were arrested in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, according to police and local media, after a second night of protests over the death of an unarmed African-American teenager shot to death by a police officer.

Police use tear gas in Ferguson, people jam church for moment of silence (St. Louis Post- Dispatch)

Tension stayed high and raw Monday as the St. Louis region waited for answers in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a municipal police officer.

Police use tear gas on crowd in Ferguson, Mo., protesting teen’s death (Washington Post)

For a third night, summer rage pitted the people of Ferguson against those sworn to protect them. On Saturday, officers shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. On Sunday, resident protests turned to riots, marked by looting and the burning of several local stores.

Michael Brown Shooting: Tear Gas Fired at Crowd in Ferguson (NBC News)

Fifteen arrests were made. St. Louis city alderman Antonio French posted a series of videos and pictures on Twitter documenting the police response. Young people were seen holding their hands up in the same manner that some witnesses have suggested Brown was at the time of the shooting.

Tensions in Ferguson remain ‘high and raw’ (MSNBC)

“I saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” said Dorian Johnson, 22. “Then I saw the fire come out of the barrel.” He added that “what began as an order by a police officer to ‘get the f— onto the sidewalk’ quickly escalated into a physical altercation and then, gunfire.”

FBI Investigating Ferguson Police Shooting of Teen Michael Brown (NBC News)

The FBI is opening an investigation into the shooting of unarmed Missouri teenager Mike Brown by a police officer in suburban St. Louis, officials said on Monday.

Eyewitness to Michael Brown shooting recounts his friend’s death (MSNBC)

The last moments of Michael Brown’s life were filled with shock, fear and terror, says a witness who stood just feet away as a police officer shot and killed the unarmed teen. “I saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” said Dorian Johnson, 22. “Then I saw the fire come out of the barrel.”

In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream (Salon)

The people of Ferguson are angry. Outraged. The officer’s story is dubious. Any black kid with sense knows it is futile to reach into an officer’s vehicle and take his gun. That story is only plausible to people who believe that black people are animals, that black men go looking for cops to pick fights with. Absurdity. Eyewitness accounts like these make far more sense.

This Is Why We’re Mad About the Shooting of Mike Brown (Jezebel)

As a black person in America, it’s getting exhausting to still have to explain, in the year 2014, your right to exist in this country. To explain that you are a human being whose value sits no lower than anyone else’s. To explain our basic humanity. And perhaps worst of all, to explain exactly why we are outraged.

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown Shows How Black People Are Portrayed in Mainstream Media (The Root)

The vicious slaying of Mike Brown by Ferguson, Mo., police has once again shown that the narrative the media paints surrounding black people in America more often than not includes depicting us as violent thugs with gang and drug affiliations. It’s safe to say that Brown has become a victim of what I like to refer to as the “Trayvon Martin effect” in the media.

Michael Brown’s Death Didn’t Happen in a Vacuum (ColorLines)

Residents of Ferguson, Missouri, the black St. Louis suburb where Brown lived and died, confronted police officers on Sunday in a scene that’s since been described by the national media as one that quickly devolved into “looting.” In photos, black residents stood in front of police with their hands up to show that they were unarmed. They chanted the slogans we’ve all become too used to over the years: “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

When Parenting Feels Like a Fool’s Errand: On the Death of Michael Brown. (Stacia Brown)

Did they say, “Kill the police?!” As long as that’s the way you heard it, they did. And that is what AP will wire out to every mainstream news outlet who can be bothered to report the death of another unarmed black son on a Saturday night. Their truth is not our truth.

When police departments don’t look like the cities they’re meant to protect (Washington Post)

The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson where the working-class, majority-black population has been clashing with law enforcement for the last three days has 53 commissioned police officers. According to the city’s police chief, three of them are black.

When We Are Young (Crunk Feminist Collective)

When we are young, often too young to fully understand the anxiety in their voices and the fear in their eyes, many of us listen to our parents tell us how to behave when, not if, we are stopped by the police.

Black Kids Don’t Have to Be College-Bound for Their Deaths to Be Tragic (The Root)

Missouri teen Michael Brown was unarmed when police gunned him down. We don’t need to keep talking about his college plans to communicate that his killing was dead wrong.

Michael Brown and Anti-Black Violence (The Feminist Wire)

Black life matters. Yet the police and their media support team have already begun to execute their standard playbook in the aftermath of yet another slain black youth.

National Moment of Silence Will Remember Victims of Police Brutality (Feminist Majority Foundation)

This Thursday, a National Moment of Silence will be held in cities across the country to remember the lives lost and impacted by police brutality. In the wake of two deadly police-involved shootings in less than a week, online activist Feminista Jones and individual Twitter followers were able to coordinate the event in a single day.

National Moment of Silence #NMOS14

How social media helped facilitate a national moment of silence to honor victims of police brutality, show solidarity with their families, and allow communities to come together in a moment of mourning and support.

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#HowardUniversity students silently speak out. #PleaseDontShoot #powerful #HU #HowardU #iftheygunnedmedown


#HowardUniversity students silently speak out. #PleaseDontShoot #powerful #HU #HowardU #iftheygunnedmedown

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