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Like it really is so tiring as a woman to constantly have to be aware of your looks and how it’s being consumed by the world around you and if you’re constantly meeting all these ridiculous standards of acceptable beauty it’s literally so fucking restricting and I feel like it took a huge chunk of my life to realize I don’t have to do any of this shit

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Crimson Hyponychiums Nails by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative


Crimson Hyponychiums Nails by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative


I have all of the hearts in my eyes for this perfection.
Meet the hilarious bestfriends Olivia and Rachel, who star in the upcoming short film “Ackee and Saltfish” where the two girls have to go and get takeaway food after Rachel forgot to soak the saltfish.


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Have you even wondered why there are so many Vietnamese Americans in the nail industry? I know I have (and apparently, part of the reason has to do with Tippi Hedren, of all people!).

Adele Pham, a Vietnamese American documentary film maker, is currently working on a film called NailedIt: Vietnamese & the Nail Industry, which explores how it all happened and what it’s meant. It looks like a really interesting project! Check out the trailer above, their website, and their funding page at Indigogo. I donated, and I hope some of your will too— after all, this is the story of the women who made our modern nail art world possible, yet have faced (and continue to face) discrimination, negative stereotypes, and safety issues.




Boston Noon (12 PM) @ israeli consulate 

D.C. 3:00 PM @ israeli embassy 

New York City 6:00 PM @ Union Square 

Tampa 4:30 PM @ Senator Bill Nelson’s office

Philadelphia 4:00 PM @ israeli consulate 

please reblog and add the link + info to any protests in your area and if you can please come to one of them!

I’ll be at the Boston protest: if anyone wants to go but doesn’t know someone there, you can tag along with us.

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Democrat Offers $100K Reward For Naked Photos Of Teenage Hunter | The Libertarian Republic  (via TLR)


Yeah, so, this guy isn’t an actual Democratic candidate. He said he was running for office as a Democrat so that Fox News would have him on. Apparently he is grifting for campaign donations and has not filled out any actual campaign forms or been active in the Democratic party in any way.

But nice try, Libertarians and Republicans! As always, I appreciate your stalwart efforts to make yourselves look like assholes because you can’t be bothered to Google something. I realize it must be difficult to detect a fake when your own party really does shit like this.

How sad is it that the GOP has to make up fake democratic candidates doing bad things to discredit the progressive party?  Maybe they’re trying to distract people from this and this and this and this and this and this and this??

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When you make an adult decision without calling your mother first.



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